Some extra #indoorrowing Healthy Competitions online

What with one thing and another, many of us are stuck at home for the forseeable future – and many on the water rowing events have been cancelled.

So along side the usual monthly challenges (check out The online community has come together to create various challenges for people stuck at home – but with an rowing machine (usually a Concept2 is needed)

Here is a list of the various new challenges I’ve found so far. This post will be updated to reflect any new challenges released:

RowBattles – This is being run in conjunction with the Ergzone app. Check out for more info

Concept2 Spring VIII Series – Starts April 6th – 5 challenges over the next 5 weeks with virtual boats containing 8 people.

Concept2 April Fools Challenge – Begins on April 1st, so get on it!

Dark Horse with Throwdowns – a free, totally virtual, 4-week competition series. You can do all 4 weeks, or compete 1 week, skip the next, then jump I for weeks 3 & 4… or however you want to do it! The goal is to give you something fun to do with your time and offer up something a little different if you want some motivation.

Ludlom – Needs the Float app to take part

#Rame chez toi – Run through FFAviron – the 7 Capitals Challenge

#OCDChallenge from LutonLagerLout on Instagram. Load up a row, set it to 8 indentical durations. Row the same stroke rate, and hit the same distance on each interval (ie. 8 x 1000 at 20spm / 2:00 in 4 minute intervals). The screenshot needs to add up (sometimes, it’ll hit 7999 or 8001 for the above example – and they don’t count). Tag uploads of your screenshot to Instagram with #rowforpurpose #rowformentalhealth

It goes without saying – take it sensibly. Don’t do anything that you feel may impair your immune system and leave you open to infection. Stay strong.

Keep on keeping on.

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