Rules and Info

What is the FMMC?

The FMMC is a ‘rolling’ monthly indoor rowing challenge for individuals and teams to take part in. Rolling means that it’s the same schedule year after year.

This is a handicapped challenge, using a system which is designed to maximize inclusion and optimize fairness so that rowers regardless of category compete on as equal terms as possible. Our system gives handicaps for female/male/lightweight/heavyweight for every single year as we think giving the same handicap to all within a 10 year section is not fair enough. The aim is also that all categories should have a representation over the leaderboard which is true to the actual rowing community.

Even within the FMMC divisions the handicap system is at play, i.e. if you are at the older end of a division you compete on equal terms – and if you are at the younger end you get true competition from the older rowers. We no longer need to wait until moving up an age group to get a “grace period” – it is fair all along.

Based on Concept 2 Logbook ranking distances, it’s a great addition to the well established CTC events, and as it will echo many of the monthly challenges for the Indoor Rower’s League, should fit easily into the indoor rowing schedule of events.

You will notice that the score sheet is open for two months at the same time. For instace, when it’s September, you’ll see the score sheet accepts scores for the 4 minute challenge – but also for October’s 30 minute event too. This is to give you longer to enter your score, and a little bit of variety.



September 4 minutes
October 30 minutes
November 1000m
December 5000m
January 1 minute
February 2000m
March 10000m
April 500m
Months below make up the “Summer Sessions”
May Half Marathon
June 6000m
July 60 minutes
August Full Marathon


  • The main challenge season runs from September to April. The months May to August make up the Summer of Sweat – longer distances to prep for the next season. These monthly challenges are the same year after year.
  • The current challenge will be posted at and also be announced on the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Hub on the 1st of the Month and will be shown above the results table.
  • A challenge ‘opens’ with a two week overlap and ends with a 3 day overlap. For example, the April Challenge will go live around the 15th of March and will continue until the 2nd of May.  Exact dates will be posted on the “Current Results” page
  • The score table will show the current calendar month between ends of challenges. For instance, the April Challenge Results table will display between 3rd April and 2nd May even though you were able to enter a score from the 15th March.
  • Scores are only valid when rowed on a Concept 2 Indoor Rowing machine.
  • Slides and Dynamic Concept2 are welcomed. But please add that information in the “Any Comments” section
  • You can use any drag factor, but cannot change it during the row.
  • Multiple attempts are allowed
  • All rows will be TTs (time trials) and therefore must be from a standing start
  • This is run by members of Fitness Matters, but you DO NOT need to be a member of FM to compete.
  • If you row half or more of the season’s months you will get compensation points for months missed calculated as 80% of the median of all months up until
    and including the current month. So – rowing half of the fmmc challenges will give you
    compensation points of 40% for months not rowed and rowing more than half will give
    you compensation points of 80%.
  • Since not rowing current month will give you SOME compensation points if you rowed half or more of previous challenges you are awarded these points already when the challenge starts to give a better indication of your position on the leaderboard.
  • Rowing current challenge will of course earn you more points than not rowing. Current challenge the fastest rower gets 1000 points – others get points according to their score in relation to fastest rower’s score.
  • Your password is visible to the admins of this competition. Please do not use sensitive data. We will not distribute or share registration details. However, we take no responsibility should this information be spread.