Featured Team 2 The Diamonds

The Diamonds began as a FB group in 2015 in the hope  of finding enough UK and Irish based rowers willing to be part of a 100k mixed team relay in the 60+ age group. We are now a global c2 affiliated group of rowers/bikers/skiers. Some erg for health and fitness, while others are a little more serious.

2 thoughts on “Featured Team 2 The Diamonds”

  1. Georgina Price asked met to join the group. I am rowing to lose weight and keep up my health and condition. Last year i did not much, this year i am more serious again and try to row 2 or 3 times a week around 6 to 8 K each time.
    the first and only time i did 60 minutes was in 2016 and i never rowed even a half marathon zo that will be a bridge to far i think. The 6o min i am going to try and the 6000k i did but i was to late to register it.
    Any way, thanks for inviting me, lets see were it will bring us!
    Best regards, Brigitte

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